It’s not easy to find animators who have the skills to make outstanding animations and the time to contribute to the project. Crazy, right? Believe it or not, animators are an extremely rare breed of game developers, and the animation department has been one of the few nasty bottlenecks in our project for a long time.

When the team first sat down to start designing a base design for mouth-held firearms we immediately knew we had a difficult task ahead. How firearms work in the MLP universe has always been up for debate among fans, and there have been some very interesting ideas thrown around. However, turning a gun onto its side, gangster style, and shoving it into a ponies mouth wouldn’t exactly work.

After the 2D artists come up with a design, the 3D artists turn it into a model, or make a model even without a design to work with. This post is about some of the models finished so far, but just to not spoil the surprise, these are only a fraction of the models we have completed. They should however give you some idea of the style we go for and what you can use to bash a radroach’ head in. Featured in this post are some armors, furniture, melee weapons and Littlepip’s mane.

This week we are going to take a look at the pony model and how it evolved into the LittlePip we have today. So listen carefully, it’s time for uncle Nahka to tell you how little ponies are made...

Hello and Salutations the third!

This fortnight we’re happy to explain a little bit about our development process, starring the 2D and 3D team. For those interested in the process, happy reading! And for those who think reading is for squares, there are some pretty pictures as well. Now we’re happy to turn it over to J38UK and Nahka of our 2D and 3D teams respectively. Take it away gents.