Hello everyone, we have some general news about the project and some information about the next demo, as well as another call for recruitment.

As many of you know, we have for the longest time been saying the player’s race will be restricted to unicorn, for various reasons.. Well, the time has come for that oppression to come to an end!

You might be confused about why we decided to suddenly do this, especially after we have listed so many reasons for not doing this. So, let’s break down how we solved each of the issues below!

After many months of wrangling, Wave 5 demo is finally available to play!

Now before we get further, as you might have noticed the game is now called Ashes of Equestria. While this does not change anything else outside of the name and logo, you are welcome to read a more in-depth explanation regarding the topic here on a separate blog post released at the same time with this one. If you don’t care or have already read it, continue below for details about the Wave 5 demo!

One of the big things that is no secret is that the Wave 4 demo hasn’t been doing so well regarding the overall performance. A big reason with that was that there was simply too much going on with physics calculations and the already relatively large map itself. So what were our options to try and improve the performance? There were a few ideas, of which some are still not fully implemented, but one of the biggest ones was a dedicated system that should handle the loading of our game scene(s).