During the past couple years we have had multiple blog posts where we have shown off our concepts for various things. However, so far we have only shown concepts that we have accepted and considered finished at the time. As such, we wanted to try and mix things up a

Just a little over 4 months ago we announced our first ever contest. Now it’s time to not only see the results of your hard work, but you also get a chance to affect the future contests! In total we received a whopping 55 submission from 15 different artists.

Since it has been over 5 months since our last Alley of Artists, we figured we would give our many talented artists a chance to shine again. This week it's all about weapons and raider armor! Contributors: Jasper77 Omega Ridley Prism Shinoda ThisHomeBoy24 WhatPayne Jeffk38uk

Hello and salutations! It’s once again time for us to give the stage for our wonderful 2D artists, this time with a little more specialized post. Due to unlucky camera angles and choice of apparel, it might have been difficult to notice in some instances of our latest gameplay

We're proud to finally not only reveal a little more about our 2D pipeline, but also our final Ministry logos! You will also see a bunch of very cool WiP concepts. During the time of Equestria Softworks, one of the biggest problem the team faced was setting up an efficient