Hello everyone, it’s been almost a year since we last announced our changed plans for our project and our work towards the next wave. Well, the time has come as we’re happy to announce the release of Wave 5.5 available to download now!

Welcome Wastelanders to the first blog post from the audio team! We’ve been quite busy over the past months and want to show you what we’re doing. This first one is going to be about the technology we’re using and how we’re trying to make the best auditory experience for you, the player!

So, if you’re ready, head on down below!

Hello everyone, we have some general news about the project and some information about the next demo, as well as another call for recruitment.

One of the things we mentioned in a previous hardcore post was the Legendary enemies, and many of you probably assumed that we shamelessly stole were inspired by that idea from Fallout 4. Well, you were right, sort of, as always we did add our own twist onto the idea.

Legendary enemies are special variants of normal enemies that can spawn in specific locations or within enemy groups. Whether or not a legendary enemy spawns in each encounter is determined by chance based on the difficulty of the game and the amount of hardcore modules enabled. Certain scripted encounters/locations might have legendary spawns that are guaranteed.

As many of you know, we have for the longest time been saying the player’s race will be restricted to unicorn, for various reasons.. Well, the time has come for that oppression to come to an end!

You might be confused about why we decided to suddenly do this, especially after we have listed so many reasons for not doing this. So, let’s break down how we solved each of the issues below!