After the 2D artists come up with a design, the 3D artists turn it into a model, or make a model even without a design to work with. This post is about some of the models finished so far, but just to not spoil the surprise, these are only a fraction of the models we have completed. They should however give you some idea of the style we go for and what you can use to bash a radroach’ head in. Featured in this post are some armors, furniture, melee weapons and Littlepip’s mane.

To start off with the post, here are some stable armors and clothing in They are 3D renders of the armors, so you can use left mouse button to pan the view, right mouse button to rotate and scroll to zoom. Keep in mind that the engine is different from ours, so the results may be different in the game. Plus there’s a couple of rendering bugs that are caused by the p3d’s engine.

And here are render sheets of some of the props we already have completed for the game. Yes, no matter how small the prop is, we make a render sheet out of it.