This week, the 2D team shows off a selection of several of their poster and billboard concepts which have been completed by our talented artists. Due to the upcoming Crystal Fair and BronyExpo conventions, blog posts will be fairly light while we prepare for the cons. Artists: Antosheek Shinoda ThisHomeBoy24

When the team first sat down to start designing a base design for mouth-held firearms we immediately knew we had a difficult task ahead. How firearms work in the MLP universe has always been up for debate among fans, and there have been some very interesting ideas thrown around. However,

For this week 2D shows off a selection of the many concepts that have been completed so far by our talented artists. Bear in mind this is only a small selection of concepts and does not represent the total amount of work we have done. Plus you’ve already seen

How would a pony defend him/herself in a radioactive wasteland? With guns of course. But how would ponies use guns? Surely they could use pistols and small arms with their mouth, but what about the bigger weapons that are either too heavy or have too much of a kick

Hello and Salutations the third! This fortnight we’re happy to explain a little bit about our development process, starring the 2D and 3D team. For those interested in the process, happy reading! And for those who think reading is for squares, there are some pretty pictures as well. Now