Hello and salutations!

It’s once again time for us to give the stage for our wonderful 2D artists, this time with a little more specialized post.

Due to unlucky camera angles and choice of apparel, it might have been difficult to notice in some instances of our latest gameplay video that the ponies are indeed not blank-flanks! While only a couple cutie marks were visible, the 2D team drew a huge bunch of them in a very short time. Because of this rather tedious work, we wanted to highlight the results of those efforts.

There is also one important design choice we wanted to bring up, which is that unlike with the flat vector style of the show, our cutie marks are more 3 dimensional with completed shading. While this is a little more work to get looking good, the end result fits our more realistic world and ponies a lot better. We also have a poll where you can voice your opinions about this decision here!

Now, without further ado, here is the slideshow of the cutie marks we have completed so far! We highly recommend viewing them on our deviantArt gallery or directly on the imgur website, for some reason the preview images have some problems with transparency.