We're proud to finally not only reveal a little more about our 2D pipeline, but also our final Ministry logos! You will also see a bunch of very cool WiP concepts.

During the time of Equestria Softworks, one of the biggest problem the team faced was setting up an efficient work pipeline. This problem was ever present for our 2D team. No one knew what needed done, so most artist would simply work on what they thought needed done. Any tasks that were given to 2D would simply be thrown into a forum topic without any real indication to artists that those tasks where even there. This meant that the team would have long periods of time were no work was getting done.

When the team leaders began adjusting how the teams worked, 2D was one of the first. A list of tasks are made by the Team Leads, Design team, and Script team, which is then passed down to 2D. At this point the tasks are reviewed and expanded upon, more detailed descriptions, reference images, suggestions, and general notes are added in order to make sure the artists know exactly what needs done. Some tasks can have multiple artists working on it, this allows the team to have variations of styles and designs. For example nearly every artist in the team pitched in when we were designing our Ministry logos:

After this the team leads review the concepts, making sure they match the style of the game, as well as make sure the concepts are easy to understand for 3D:

Finally once a design has been chosen, a final version is made and sent off to 3D. From there it is made into the models or textures you will see in game.

One example of this process are these Ministry logos you see before you. The Ministries are an important part of the universe of Fallout: Equestria as they were involved in almost every facet of a pony's life. Whether in politics, economy, health, and even in propaganda. As such it was important that these logos were done right as they would be seen everywhere in Equestria.

Let us know what you think of the designs in the comments, and be sure to vote for your favorite in our new poll here!

Below are the results of our previous, "What Brony conventions are you attending?" -poll. We are glad to see so many of our fans are attending various cons! While we unfortunately are able to have presence in only some of them, we will be sure to take the results of this poll into consideration when working on our plans for the next year!

BronyCon - 22 Votes
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