Welcome to our totally on time post. We have a lot of different and awesome news for you tonight, so please do yourself a favor and head down below! First off, something very special. As promised, one of the rewards for the winner of our quest writing contest from a

In the first update from the Music Team we promised a music soundtrack that would be adaptive, i.e. the music would change according to how the player's situation evolves. A number of games follow this paradigm and each game has its own adaptive music soundtrack and so game music

We are excited to announce that we have cast Brittany Church, a talented singer and actress based in New York, as our singing Velvet. Voice as smooth as silk? Check! Rich as finest chocolate? Check. We are also happy to present you the first two completed pieces. As a small

In the previous posts on music we outlined the technical background of the adaptive music engine. We also gave a preview of one radio song, and one ambience track. This post will preview more of the background music we have made in the meantime. Game music is made for various

Salutations!​ In this blog post we have the pleasure to show off our first original song written for Velvet Remedy and we elaborate a bit on our adaptive in-game music engine which we are implementing and for which we are composing. Also, don't miss our call for singers! Velvet Remedy