We are excited to announce that we have cast Brittany Church, a talented singer and actress based in New York, as our singing Velvet. Voice as smooth as silk? Check! Rich as finest chocolate? Check. We are also happy to present you the first two completed pieces.

As a small note we have also uploaded all of our released songs on our Youtube channel, so go find and like them there as well!

Step Around

In the universe of our game this song was written and sung by Sweetie Belle, the first overmare of the Stable, and its composition predates the events of the war.

Listen on Youtube!

Two external musicians who generously donated their time to our project have contributed to this track. The live trumpet solo was performed by Danielle Horan from Connecticut, and the drums were played by Joel Stumbaugh from Denmark.

Mane Squeeze

The second song is slower and not as happy-go-lucky. In terms of composition we went for a structure of a Broadway musical piece: Subtle start with a grand build-up.

Listen on Youtube!

The production of the second track was produced entirely "in-house", from writing and sketching to production and recording. Well, the expression "in-house" is not technically accurate. Just like any other team of the Overmare Studios, also the Music Team is scattered around the North America and Europe.