Welcome to our totally on time post. We have a lot of different and awesome news for you tonight, so please do yourself a favor and head down below!

First off, something very special. As promised, one of the rewards for the winner of our quest writing contest from a while back was a chance to participate one of our podcasts in person. And so, we contacted Colin Wolfe, and he did us the pleasure of joining us.

We talked a lot about the contest, his and others entries, as well as answered a lot of Colin’s questions about the game and the project! Only thing he had to do in return, was to answer some of ours as well.

BronyCon: The Return...

Now, on to some very exciting news! If you follow our twitter (wink wink, nudge nudge), you may have already heard this, but here it is officially. We are returning to BronyCon again this year!

Not only are we going to BronyCon 2016, we are going there big time. We will of course have a vendor booth once again, with another new demo for the attendees to try out, but we will also not only have a panel(!), but our very own Wasteland Wailers will be performing at BronyPalooza(!!), featuring our ever lovely Brittany Church(!!!) as the lead signer!

Oh boy are we excited for every single one of those! We will give you more accurate information closer to the event, but some of the things you can expect include but are not limited to:

  • New demo (Wave 4)
  • Lots of new information
  • Wasteland Wailers CD(!!!)
  • New posters
  • Buttons
  • Magnets
  • Keychains
  • Bottlecaps
  • Fabulous Overmare members

Unfortunately, we do have some bad news for you today. For various reasons, we have decided to cancel the demo build 3.5 that we promised a little while back. One of the primary reasons behind the decision is the fact that we don’t want to put out an inferior product just for the sake of putting it out, and unfortunately we didn’t manage to get into the state we were satisfied with in time. However, all is not lost! As mentioned before, we will have the Wave 4 demo playable at BronyCon, and it will include all of the stuff we had for 3.5, as well as a lot more on top of it.

We will also make the demo available for everyone after the con, regardless of whether you participate the convention or not. That's right, no email signup this time! We can’t promise it to be released immediately after the convention, as we will want to reserve the chance to make critical bug fixes after the convention, but expect it out by the end of July!

We hope we are able to see as many of you at BronyCon 2016 as possible, it’s going to be one epic summer!

As final words, have the Wasteland Wailers' BronyCon 2016 special track, featuring Brittany Church!