When we first read about Fallout 4 not including a repair system, many on the Design Team were a little annoyed. Repairing played an important role at providing a variety in weapon and armor stats, a reason to not always use the "best" weapon, and an use for

EDIT: The stream is now over, thanks for everyone who joined up! Hello everyone! In order to liven up things a little, we have decided to hold a livestream session on Sunday 6th, starting at 9am EST (2pm GMT)! The theme will be raider face painting, and we will be

Welcome to another one of our Hardcore Mechanics posts! This time we will be focusing on three systems: Hunger-Thirst-Sleep, Diseases, and Temperature. Hunger, Thirst, Sleep As with all games that have any sort of survival gameplay, our hardcore will include an option for enabling Hunger, Thirst, and Sleep, or HTS.

Hey everyone, Hamish the programmer here, back with another exciting journey into one of our technical systems - this time, how we handle quadrupedal movement in a first and third person game. I first designed the system just after our Wave 2 demo a year ago, but it should still