Hey everyone, Hamish the programmer here, back with another exciting journey into one of our technical systems - this time, how we handle quadrupedal movement in a first and third person game. I first designed the system just after our Wave 2 demo a year ago, but it should still be relevant and interesting for anyone curious about why Littlepip moves the way she does, and especially to anyone looking to create a similar sort of pony game.

First off, why is this post even a thing at all? What is it about quadrupeds that makes them unusual and difficult to work with? Quite simply it’s their shape. A humanoid character stands upright, which means their shape can be approximated by an upright 'capsule', as shown below. We call this shape a ‘collider’, because it’s what actually interacts physically with the environment and other objects.

After many years of delays and restructuring, we finally managed to make ourselves a brand new website in a total span of about five weeks. Not only is it more modern, responsive and functional, but we've added some new features, and changed up some existing ones. Read on to find out more!