As many of you know, we have for the longest time been saying the player’s race will be restricted to unicorn, for various reasons.. Well, the time has come for that oppression to come to an end!

You might be confused about why we decided to suddenly do this, especially after we have listed so many reasons for not doing this. So, let’s break down how we solved each of the issues below!

It wouldn’t be balanced because some could fly, some could do magic, and some couldn’t do either

The answer to this was surprisingly simple: Make it so that EVERYPONY can do all of the above! That’s right, from now on everyone and everything can fly and cast magic. After all, when everyone is special, no one is.

All the other reasons

The above actually fixes all the other issues as well, so no use in spending your valuable time in listing them.

How is it possible?

Simple, instead of a character’s race determining what they can and can’t do, we’ll have a special item that makes everyone an Alicorn! That’s right, no more being discriminated just because of you were born without a spiky bone on your forehead, or piles of feather on your back. From now on all that is needed is equipping the Alicorn Armor 3000 (developed by your MoM in cooperation with MoA)!