After a long and arduous journey, we are very pleased to present our first public demo. While we were slightly off in our projected release date, I think you’ll agree that the version you can download now marks a significant improvement from our limited-access release in September. Graphics, gameplay and content have all been much improved.

Here’s a short video to show you what you can expect!

This demo contains:
  • A 40-acre section of Sweet Apple Acres, with enemies and loot throughout
  • 4 enemy types
  • 12 weapons
  • 15 armor pieces
  • 5 spells

​We don’t want to go into too much detail about what you’ll find, because half the fun is in the discovery and exploration. We’re quite sure that you’ll have at least an hour of play time though!

If you’re confused about where to begin, try following some of the paths out from the farmhouse. Make sure to check the storage sheds for gear! As you find equipment, your progress will be saved such that the sheds next to the farmhouse will get progressively more full with each new game.

  • Mouse to look around
  • WASD to move
  • Scroll up and down to change the camera perspective and distance
  • Holding C allows free look/orbit when in 3rd person
  • E to pick up items
  • Tab to open PipBuck, in which you can...
    • Click on items (weapons, spells, apparel etc) to equip and unequip them
    • Press Tab again to close it
  • Left click fires the currently equipped weapon
  • Right click will
    • Cast the current equipped spell
    • Aim with a firearm, if no spell is equipped
      ​ * Block with a melee weapon, again if no spell is equipped
  • Telekinesis has special controls:
    • Scrolling while holding an object will move it towards and away from you
    • Holding Z will allow rotating currently held object by moving the mouse
  • Pressing Escape will bring up the pause menu
  • Pressing V opens SATS (Note, experimental and can be slight unstable). While in SATS, you can:
    • Select body parts with mouse
    • Queue and dequeue shots by left and right click
    • Change targets with A and D
    • Close SATS with Tab or by right clicking after dequeuing all shots
    • Start the attack with E​​
Things to keep in mind:
  • We are far from complete in terms of optimization, functionality, stability, and certainly content, of which this represents a fraction of a slice of what we have planned. Consider this a combat tech demo more than anything else, a way for us to keep you guys up-to-date with our progress and show off what we’ve been working on.
  • As a result of the above: if you think a feature is missing, don’t worry, we probably think it’s missing as well! If you really think we might not’ve thought of it, head over to the Community Ideas section of the forums.
  • Also as a result of the first point, in the current version there is only a minimal amount of balancing done. As this is primarily a tech demo, we are not expecting the current map to survive future iterations in its current condition.
  • We are generally targeting mid- to high-end systems. While in future we will be providing more options to customise graphical fidelity, we will never be able to guarantee that the game will run on a given system, and we are some time away from any concrete minimum requirements.
    ​ * If you have a system that game either has a bad performance on, or refuses to start entirely, please do let us know about it! While there is only a slight chance we will be able to do much about it, it will help us estimate our future requirements better
    • If you’re having issues, try running the game in OpenGL mode using the provided shortcut.

I found a bug! Wat do?

We have a very thorough QA process, so we are aware of most bugs. We are, however, interested in experiences with specific systems, so if you’re experiencing graphical glitches, hard crashes, unusually low performance et cetera, head over to the Crash Reports section of the forums.

Can I stream or record the game?

Yes, with our blessing! Post your links in the forum if you like!

Are there mods or cheats?

Mod support, while never completely leaving our sights, is definitely not something we have focused on for this release. If you manage to get creative with Lua and DLL injections, though, we’d love to hear about it!

When’s the next demo??

We have plans, don’t worry! Expect to see more from us in the coming months. We’ll be returning to our regular blog-posting schedule as well, so there should be plenty of content to tide you over until then.


A big part of why we’re releasing these demos is to collect feedback from you guys, so we know whether we’re making the right choices and can adjust the game accordingly. After you’ve had a chance to try it out, click the ‘Feedback’ option in the main menu to open a link in your browser where you can tell us what you think.

You can download the demo here: