We hope everyone has had a good summer thus far. Next weekend (July 4-6th) members of our team will be hosting panels at both Crystal Fair and BronyExpo to discuss our project and demo the current build of the Fallout: Equestria video game.

For your convenience, here are the current times and locations our panels will be held. Convention schedules are subject to last minute changes, so ask convention staff if you have any questions.


Location: Edmonton, Canada
Date: Saturday July 5th @1PM local time
Room: Panel Room 9

  • Yondy (Sound Director)
  • Airplay (Programming Team Lead)

Crystal Fair

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Date: Sunday July 6th @1:30PM (13:30) local time
Room: Terrace Hall

  • Dragmaister (Director)
  • Hamish (Director and Programming Team Lead)
  • Nahka (3D and Quality Assurance Team Lead)
  • AdamJ (Music Team Lead)

We'd love to have the opportunity to meet our fans. Join us during the panels, or stop us in the hall and say "hi". Our team will be wearing matching black t-shirts with our logo, so it should not be too hard to pick us out of the crowd.

Also follow our Twitter and Facebook to find out what we are up to!