It has been a while since we added a new creature into the game, but given certain holiday that was just last week, we wanted to make you guys something very special…

Naturally, that special something is the Timberwolf!

Timberwolves are one of the very few creatures in the show who have been shown to be hostile by nature. That, along with their apparent energy-like being with destructible bodies gathered from materials around them is just too cool of a concept to pass. If a predator with essentially perfect camouflage with green glowing eyes isn’t scary in the dark, we don’t know what is.

Above you have the concept, and below you have the speed modelling video, showing its’ creation from start to finish! Unfortunately we weren’t able to rig and animate it in time for this post, but rest assured, all of that will also follow in time...

While we weren’t able to release this post quite in time for Halloween like we originally planned, we hope you still enjoy it!

And of course, it is worth mentioning we have just recently broken not one, but two milestones! First our resident music team Wasteland Wailers’ Soundcloud account crossed the 1 000 follower limit, and soon after our Youtube channel got its 10 000th subscriber! We are very glad to see so many of you like what we are doing, and we sincerely hope we are able to keep up to your expectations in the future as well.

Simply saying “thank you” doesn’t quite describe how we feel about this, so have a special song to celebrate the occasion(s)!