Hello and Salutations!

On this day of September 17, 2013, marks the official launch of The Overmare Studios website, and brand new direction of Fallout: Equestria, The Game. That’s right. Not mod. Straight to your happy computer with no Fallout 3 download required. We are finally able to announce we are moving away from GECK, no more modding Fallout 3, and instead working on a stand-alone title.

We faced the facts: In order to do this right, an engine made for a game that was released in 2008 was not going to cut it. Fallout, though awesome, has its flaws. Furthermore, Kkat spun some fantastic scenarios, which were not possible to make within that dated framework. We prioritized scalability, customizability, and user experience. None of which we could fruitfully explore shackled to an engine with a limited scope.

Littlepip in the orchard
Models: Nahka, MrJimmy7 Concepts: WhatPayne, Tolakamee, J38UK

In the light of that, our more than capable programmers are currently building our own framework from the ground up in Unity3D. Redesigning and improving it to fit our purposes. With the Unity engine we are now able to make a much more impressive final product, this includes much higher quality 3D models, as well as gameplay features that we previously could not do due to limitations in the GECKs framework. It is very exciting, and one of the best decisions we have made over the course of the project.

For those of you new to the Fallout: Equestria Game situation, welcome to our site and we hope you enjoy tracking our progress as much as we are enjoying making it! To those who have been following the process, you might be wondering why the drastic changes.

For answers regarding the name change and separation from Equestria Softworks, please direct your attention here.

Stable Security Barding
Models: MrJimmy7, Nahka Concepts: WhatPayne, Tolakamee

What’s changed: One of the most notable changes is our completely renewed application system. It not only clarifies and streamlines the whole process, but also includes customized forms for every department and makes an interview with the team leader now mandatory as well. If you’re interested in contributing to the project, click the “Join Us” button on the top of the page for more information.

As a part of everything else, we have also rearranged our forums. Most of the old forum topics and sections have been transferred over, but some parts have also been removed in order to clarify the structure and the content.

10mm pistol concept
Concepts: J38UK, Nahka

Our main distribution channel from now on will be our Blog page, which will be getting regular updates and sneak peeks. Note that while you can use a newly made blog account to log into the forums, you can’t use the old forum accounts that were transferred to log into the blog. This is an unfortunate compatibility issue that we can’t do anything about.

In addition to the blog, we have new Twitter, Youtube and Facebook accounts, so please subscribe to or follow us there as well. Links can be found on the lower right corner.

Other than that, welcome to the future! We look forward to showing new content and presenting all of the cool stuff we’ve been working on. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact one of the directors. Thanks so much for all your continued support.