It is with great pride that we can announce the release of our first external demo! As a reminder, this build will only be available to people who came to see us at the conventions this year.

Over 400 people signed up at Bronycon, Galacon and Czequestria, and as of the time of posting they have all been sent a personal download link. If you signed up but can’t find the message in your inbox, check your spam folder.

For complicated reasons, Hotmail/ is completely blocking all our emails. If you signed up with this service, send us a message using the contact form on our website. In the message, give us the affected email address, plus another email address using a different provider. We will be sending the download email to this second email address, after we confirm your Hotmail/ email is on our list. We recommend Gmail if you don’t have one spare.

If you’re absolutely sure you signed up, but can’t find the email, use the contact form to let us know - we’ll check against the list just in case we misread it. Unfortunately we aren’t accepting any late applications.

We realise that not everyone was able to attend one of the conventions we had a presence at, and we understand the frustrations of those who weren’t able to sign up. The reason for this two-stage release is simple: we aren’t yet in a position where we feel comfortable subjecting our current build to the full scrutiny of the fandom. For our first public release, we’d like to make sure that every aspect of the build is up to scratch, especially since it’ll be a first impression for most people. We’d like to assure everyone that we are still scheduled for release at the end of the year. Meanwhile, you can find 6 minutes worth of gameplay in our podcast!

As promised, we can now finally release our post-con podcast, in which we evaluate our success at the conventions this year and talk about what you can expect from us in the coming months:

We’ve created a new forum category for discussing the demo, and we’ll be doing something similar for future builds. Those who aren’t yet able to play it are still welcome to follow the discussion on our forums!