We promised you a podcast, and even though we slightly slipped from our original schedule, now is time to deliver.

We received a lot of questions from all of you, and we have read each and every single one of them. In this whopping 1 hour podcast Zac (Design Lead), Dragmaister (Project Director) and Hamish (Programming Lead) are going to dig into a whole bunch of them!

Some of the questions we had time to address this time around include, but are not limited to the following:

  • How detailed will gore be?
  • Will there be different ammo types?
  • How is VATS function working out?
  • How are you approaching pegasi?
  • Will we be able to kill everyone, or will there be character that can not be killed due to being “plot-essential”?
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Aren’t the grenades suppose to be apple shaped?
  • Is there any chance that we could get a demo?

If a question you asked did not get answered in the podcast, and it has not been answered in our previous posts, feel free to ask it again! We are only able to answer so many questions in a single podcast, and we will generally answer the ones that are most popular, with the exception of a couple possible wildcards.

Given this is our first ever podcast, we are very eager to hear you guys’ opinions on it! What do you think we did well, and what could be improved on? Any other comments? Most importantly, should we do more of them?