During the time we have been doing the biweekly blog posts you have seen a lot of different types of post from us, ranging from game design and music posts to concept art and gameplay video posts. However, this time we have decided to try something completely different and new. This week, we are giving all of you a chance to get your name on the credits!

In similar manner to the Fallout series, our game will also have a corresponding icon for every attribute, skill and item when they are viewed in the PipBuck. Leading off from that, we are holding a contest to let all of you to submit your own designs for said icons, with selected best ones getting included into the game (!) To give you a better idea what we are looking for, below is an album with a selection of icons we have already made.

The subject of the icons you can submit is completely open; it can be a pony sitting on a stove, digging ground or shooting a rocket out of their eye. However, the only condition is that the submission will include the Stable Twins (Stable Colt/Filly) in one shape or form (posing with item, do a funny pose, make faces, exploding, etc). Outside of that we want to see your imagination run wild, everything is free game! They can be drawn with a style of your choice, but please note they will most likely be redrawn by us before they will be included in the game in order to keep all icons a consistent style.

Now, to lay down some basic rules and guidelines.

  • Submitting a design does not make you part of The Overmare Studios
  • If your design is accepted and used, you will be credited under “Community Contributor” in the game credits.
  • You will give us full right to use, modify and remake any designs you submit both immediately and later in the development to keep a consistent style.
  • The exact use of your design will be determined on a later date and is subject to change.
  • The deadline of the competition is 28th of February 2015
  • The number of submissions per participant is unlimited, however we will only highlight and choose one (1) per participant to be a winner.
  • Top 10 submissions will be chosen to be winners
  • One of the Stable Twins (Stable Colt/Filly) must be part of the design (posing with item, do a funny pose, make faces, etc)
  • All of the submitted designs will be compiled into their own post on a later date, along with the list of the winners!

To submit your design, send an email to [email protected] with [PipBuck Icon Submission] in the title and with your designs as either attachments or links. Make sure to include the nickname (or real name) you would want to be credited as!

Good luck to everyone, we are very excited to see what all of you come up with!