It's been a while since we have shown any real gameplay... So be ready for a whopping 2 hours of it!

We have recorded a commentary playthrough of the wave 2 demo that was released to a selected audiences a while back, inspecting all of the things that can be found in it, as well as a lot of fun facts from behind the scenes along with hints about the future...

The playthrough has been split into 6 about 20 minute parts, and we will be releasing a new part every two days, with the first two parts being out right now!

In order to not clutter our website with carbon copy posts, we will be updating this post as new parts go up, as well as our social media accounts.

And part two! This time, there is some action as well...

And part three, with even more action!




We originally recorded this a long time, nearly 2 months ago, but unfortunately due to scheduling and multiple hardware problems it was delayed up until now. But despite of that, we sincerely hope you will enjoy this short two week inside tour into the demo!