Hello and Salutations!

First of all we want to give an apology to all of you who have been eagerly waiting for the improved version of the gameplay video we showed back at Crystal Fair, and unfortunately we aren’t able to provide it this week either. However we can promise you that it will be released on Sunday August 17th! That’s right, that is less than a week away. Normally we would have postponed it until the next biweekly, but since it’s already unforgivably late we want to give it to you as soon as possible.

In other general news, we now have a DeviantArt group! We will do our best to upload all of the art we have made public there for your browsing convenience, and as an extra also some WiP and/or denied concepts that didn’t quite make it, so give it a watch! Also don’t forget to watch all of our amazing artists!

However, please note that this is The Overmare Studios’ official DeviantArt, which means only team members are accepted into the group.

In other announcements, our Research team has once again opened their applications! As the name would suggest, the members of this team are responsible for finding any and all information and/or resources other teams don’t have time to look for. Such resources include but are not limited to: Specifics of a certain chapter in the story, screenshots from the show, screenshots/stats/generic information from the Fallout game serie, weapon specifications, and so on.

If you think you have what it takes, select Research on our Join Us page and send in your application! Please note that the team has only very limited number of open positions, so we recommend sending an application sooner rather than later.

If Research is not quite your area of expertise, other teams still recruiting are 2D Art, 3D Art and Animations, Design and Programming. If you think you would be an asset for any of these teams, click the link above and select appropriate department to send in an application!

We would also like to remind everyone that we are not only going to Czequestria, but we have increased the number of participants! The Overmare Studios will be represented by the same people you might remember from Crystal Fair; Dragmaister (Project Director), Hamish (Project Director/Programming Lead), Nahka (3D/QA Lead) and AdamJ (Music Lead). Not only that, but we have something very special (and secret) planned for you guys, so be sure to join us there if you can!