We are interrupting your regularly scheduled programming to bring you something different this week...

On the coming weekend (October 10th-11th) we will be hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on the Fallout: Equestria subreddit! The AMA will last throughout the whole weekend, so there is less need to worry about timezones.

A whole bunch of our leads will be participating, so feel free to ask about any subject, both personal and project related! (Answers may wary depending on the subject.)

Participating we will have (Nick - Position - Reddit Username):

Drag - Project Director - Dragmaister
Hamish - Programming Lead/Co-Director - hammil
Zac - Design Lead/Art Director - ThisHomeBoy24
Jeff - 2D Lead - J38UK
Nahka - 3D Lead - Nahkamestari
Yondy - Script/SFX Lead - Yondy_Koh
A.J. - Music Lead (Wasteland Wailers) - adam_joseph

We will be linking the actual thread on this post as well once the event starts.

See you at the AMA, we look forward to chatting with all of you!

In other news, the submissions for our bounty quest contest are now officially closed! We received a lot of submissions, and will now begin going through them. Thank you everyone who participated!