link.png User's Interface

Today we talk about our UI and some of the new features we have added to it.

link.png The Science of Speaking

Salutations from the programming team! This is a big moment: the first technically oriented blog post we have ever had on the website. We thought we would discuss one of the more recently interesting and impressive systems – automatic lip-sync generation. Includes a download link (!) to a lip-sync demo.

link.png And on the third day....

Let us start by saying we very much apologize for the large delay on the demo video. However despite the setbacks we are very proud to show you a small walkthrough of Stable 2, we hope you enjoy.

link.png Friendly Update Inbound!

We got a pretty simple blog post for you guys this week, and while it may not be the blog post you were wishing for, we still hope you find it interesting. Plus there is a date for the post you are all waiting for!

link.png Stories from a far away land

All of us at the Overmare Studios apologise for the delay, it seemed like the constant setbacks on the website was going to prevent us from ever posting this blog post, but thanks to our website designer, Airplay, we are proud to present to you the post. Included are recordings of our BronyExpo and Crystal Fair panel, transcription of the Q&A sessions, and the main theme for our game!

link.png TOmS Heads to BronyExpo and Crystal Fair

We hope everyone has had a good summer thus far. Next weekend (July 4-6th) members of our team will be hosting panels at both Crystal Fair and BronyExpo to discuss our project and demo the current build of the Fallout: Equestria video game.

link.png Two-Dimensional Pipeline

We're proud to finally not only reveal a little more about our 2D pipeline, but also our final Ministry logos! You will also see a bunch of very cool WiP concepts.

link.png Alley of the Artists II: The Sequel

This week, the 2D team shows off a selection of several of their poster and billboard concepts which have been completed by our talented artists.

link.png Journey to Cons

We’ve been hinting at it, and you may of already heard from other sources, but it’s official now: we will be attending several conventions this year! Our passports are ready to be stamped, and we are anxious to show you some exclusive material!