link.png Journey to the Cons, Vol. 2

It is that time again… Time to travel to conventions!


Because last year was such a success and we had so great fun, it is only natural for us to attend conventions this year as well. And this time, the stakes are higher than ever as The Overmare Studios will be making our debut appearance at the two of the largest brony conventions in the world; GalaCon and BronyCon! Not only that, but we will also make a return to Czequestria!


link.png Concepts That Didn’t Quite Make the Cut

During the past couple years we have had multiple blog posts where we have shown off our concepts for various things. However, so far we have only shown concepts that we have accepted and considered finished at the time. As such, we wanted to try and mix things up a little by for the first time show some of our rejected concepts, and offering a little insight in the process.

link.png Bounty Quest Contest

After our PipBuck icon contest we asked for all of you guys’ opinion on what type of contest you would be the most interested in. The results were pretty clear, and the time has come for The Overmare Studios’ first ever Quest contest!

link.png Podcast May 2015

We promised you a podcast, and even though we slightly slipped from our original schedule, now is time to deliver.

link.png Into the Fray: Firearms

So far we have shown you some concepts of weapons and armors, some of the finished models with proper lighting, and talked about our reasoning behind our design of the weapons. Now we think it would be time to see them in action! Also announcing podcasts!

link.png Bang Bang Bang!

One of the most important parts to design properly while developing a large scale game like this, whether the player realizes it or not, is the weapons in the game.

link.png PipBuck Art Contest Results

Just a little over 4 months ago we announced our first ever contest. Now it’s time to not only see the results of your hard work, but you also get a chance to affect the future contests!

link.png The Journey of the Light: Physically Based Shading

Today we start introducing you to our new rendering system, and physically based shading is the first topic we will dive into. Welcome to the Journey of the Light!

link.png Alley of the Artists IV: An Unexpected Post

Since it has been over 5 months since our last Alley of Artists, we figured we would give our many talented artists a chance to shine again. This week it's all about weapons and raider armor!

link.png Addiction, and how it affects YOU!

Within the story of Fallout Equestria, addiction played a very heavy role. However, due to the simplistic nature of Fallout’s addiction system, capturing that feeling of dependency that LittlePip suffered from is not really possible. This is why we have reworked the system into two parts; dependency and withdrawal, to put a greater emphasis on risk and reward. We’ve added a bit more realism on the drugs themselves.