link.png A Year in Perspective

It's hard to believe its been another year since this project began, but through that time we have shown all sorts of interesting and cool things. In light of that we wanted to go back and look at some of the things we highlighted, going all the way back to the beginning of last year, as well as have a brief word from the leaders of those posts.

link.png In-game Adaptive Music

In the first update from the Music Team we promised a music soundtrack that would be adaptive, i.e. the music would change according to how the player's situation evolves. Now get the first glimpse into the result of our labor!

link.png It's Magic...

Magic is one of the core tenets of Fallout: Equestria, and now our Design team is going to give all of you a tour into its underlying systems!

link.png Bloatsprite Speed Modeling

Many months ago we shown you a glimpse at one of our 2D artist’s process at drawing one of the many concepts for the game. Now we would like to show you our 3D artist’s process, turning the disgustingly amazing Bloatsprite concept into an animated model.

link.png Statistical Analysis

Another Design post, this time we are going to be sharing some of the foundations of the game; Skills and Attributes!

Most of you who have played Fallout know a fair bit about the attributes, skills, and levels that form the basic systems of the game. In our case we have adapted and modified the systems found in Fallout 3 and New Vegas to help improve gameplay.

link.png PipBuck Art Contest

During the time we have been doing the biweekly blog posts you have seen a lot of different types of post from us, ranging from game design and music posts to concept art and gameplay video posts. However, this time we have decided to try something completely different and new. This week, we are giving all of you a chance to get your name on the credits!

link.png User's Interface

Today we talk about our UI and some of the new features we have added to it.

link.png The Science of Speaking

Salutations from the programming team! This is a big moment: the first technically oriented blog post we have ever had on the website. We thought we would discuss one of the more recently interesting and impressive systems – automatic lip-sync generation. Includes a download link (!) to a lip-sync demo.

link.png And on the third day....

Let us start by saying we very much apologize for the large delay on the demo video. However despite the setbacks we are very proud to show you a small walkthrough of Stable 2, we hope you enjoy.